Modus PARTNERSHIP with the Global Distributor of a UNIQUE RANGE of Fire Extinguishers - Firepal

Modus is in partnership with the Global Distributor of a high tech and totally unique range of Fire Extinguishers, ‘Firepal’.

This is space station technology with patented delivery systems developed in China, for both portable, and fixed manual and automatic systems.

The USP’s of these units, both portable and fixed are;

The space age Nano Particle Technology, allows a single type of extinguisher to be effective on all types of category of fire, A,B,C,E,& F.

None toxic, none corrosive, people and machinery function normally after exposure to the extinguishing contents.

A five-year manufacturer’s warranty is offered with every unit, extendable to 8 years total.

No maintenance is required during life of the product.

None pressurised delivery containers, fully recyclable.

Certified and Patented Globally, including all main economic blocs.

Weight/size ratio to conventional units 1:5, Firepal are 20% of weight and size of conventional units for the same extinguishing effects.

Easy to use, little or no training required.

Removes decision making in crisis conditions, what type of fire, which unit to use, all necessary decisions with conventional units.

Financially viable delivers considerable savings compared to conventional units.

Our smallest portable unit is the FP 50 shown here. However the full range of both portable and fixed units is considerable and available on demand.

For full details and general discussions on these products please contact Heike Fust or Paul McVay at Modus as below:

+44 7944 358971        

+44 7930 464429


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