Russian Federation Sourced Commodities in Conjunction with Berkeley Mercantile Ltd.

Modus Markets Ltd has combined with Berkeley Mercantile Ltd for the promotion of both soft and hard commodities sourced principally in the Russian Federation.

The principals of both companies have operated in this globally important supply zone for many years now and are familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the export of such commodities.

The financial basis of our purchases is attractive to any buyer, as it allows for the insuring of goods in transit from supply points accessible to most sources and exporters from this region.

We have access to most traded commodities globally including;

Agricultural Based Commodities Defined as;



Feed Meals


Other Commodities Defined as;

Fertilisers - Urea

Soft and Hard Wood


Timber Veneers

For full details and general discussions please contact Paul McVay at Modus as below:  

+44 7930 464429


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