Our Projects

Our Prime Operation is as a Buying and Selling Agency.

Modus is a leading Market Expansion Service provider with a focus on Russia/CIS, helping businesses grow in existing markets and expand into new ones.

Our Business Model

We manage products and market information between Europe and Russia /CIS.

At Modus, our business partners are either clients or customers, depending on their position in the value chain and the services we provide to them.

Our business model is centred on Modus’s role as the key link between clients and customers. We help our partners in growing and adding value to their business and enable them to achieve lasting success'.

As well as these specific tasks we are also involved in a variety of projects' - some of which you will see below:


Harvesting Wheat

Russian Federation Sourced Food Commodities.

Modus Markets Europe Ltd has interest in the export of both soft and hard commodities sourced in CIS countries.


Recognising the difficulties of competing with global commodity trading companies Modus concentrates on niche market products.