How the Modus Team can help

Modus is the trading name of Modus Markets Europe Ltd and Modus Markets LLP.

The company was formed to facilitate trade between Western economies, principally the EU and CIS countries, based on a thorough understanding of the Russian commercial market including:

Our Specialities

Application import/export rules and regulations, offering fully costed movement of goods from factory to warehouse, including freight and Customs Clearance.

Economically viable establishment of operating entities in both regions, including full legalities, tax registration, staffing, locations.

Establishment of trading operations for manufactured goods and the full range of basic commodities.

Facilitating specific sports and technical

Technological exchange and development of
digital and social media promotions in conjunction with major UK and
European operators

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We take pride in our communication skills especially in this complex business environment, that is why we ask you to contact us at any time.