Why should you be trading commercially in Russia?


EU: 1993

Russia CIS: 1991

No. of States

EU: 28

Russia CIS: 1O



EU: 513

Russia CIS: 240

Land Mass

Sq km’s  (millions)

EU: 4.5

Russia CIS: 21

Natural Resources

EU: Limited Net Importer

Russia CIS: Unlimited Net Exporter


The Business Environment

The EU with a population more than twice that of the CIS and a land mass of 20% of the CIS can be classified as a manufacturing based economy, requiring access to substantial quantities of basic raw materials.

Competition for these materials comes from neighbours of CIS countries notably China and India both with populations in excess of 1.3 billion, and developing manufacturing industries.

Imposition of politically driven financial sanctions against CIS countries has resulted in the regeneration of local manufacturing industries, depriving sanction appliers of markets for their industrial and domestic products.

Coupled with serious business cultural differences these actions have contributed to a difficult trading environment for EU and CIS businesses.


How Modus can Help

We formed our company to specialise in the movement of goods, customs clearance and supply services between the European Union and the Russian Federation. We are partnered with freight handling experts in Russia, also our team of professionals have a combined knowledge over many years in Freight Movement, International Commodity Trading and Agriculture.

Our aim is to help you to expand your operations and to facilitate a smooth navigation of Russian trading for your organisation.